If you have followed my post from January 18th, 2019, you must have got familiar with the words like Kurds, Kurdish and Kurdistan. Fortunately, soon after my research on the subject I happen to meet a student in United States whose family found shelter in Iraqi Kurdistan. As our conversation progressed I realized how Iraqi families are well received by Kurds. This further confirms how Kurds protected those who take shelter in Kurdistan.

Here is the Testimony of Kurdish support towards Iraqi families:

Belonging to the Mohammadi tribe of Iraq, this family comprises of seven people with five kids, mom and dad. Father is a chemist, mom is a housewife, one daughter is married, two sons are engineers, one son is a educationist and the youngest daughter is in high school. They are the residence of Al Anbar province in Iraq.

I would prefer not to disclose the name of the person and just call him Ahmed. For the ease of understanding his situation, I would mention he was the eldest male member of the family and hence had more responsibilities. His father went for work for few weeks to Indonesia. During 2011 war in Iraq, east of syria(close to the city of Al Anbar) was occupied by terrorist. Off and on, western iraq was facing threats from terrorist and that was the reason his family has to move to Kurdistan. Western part of Iraq isn’t stable, his father realized this early enough to settle his family in Kurdistan.

They were IDP(internally displaced people) in search of shelter and finance. Their relatives have moved in the so called capital of Kurdistan Erbil and eventually they were planning to settle themselves in the same area. Before they could execute their plan , they found themselves in lurch with the upcoming war. His father’s friend supported them financial and finally they were able to make their way to Kurdistan in November of 2014. Kurds gladly welcomed them in the city- helping them indirectly like reducing the rent and lending things at minimal cost.

As the time passed, they found Kurdistan to be a safer place with Kurdish army protecting them at the border unlike the Iraqi army which is generally found creating threat in the city streets. Initially it was hard to find a job in Kurdistan since the unemployment rate is high in Kurdistan but eventually being the eldest son of the family he managed to find a job as a storekeeper at the egyptian store . After an year, Ahmed earned a decent position in Humanitarian organisation of Baghdad as a Water and Sanitation Hygiene Engineer.

Kurdistan region of Iraq is inherently much more diverse including christians,yazidis,muslims and other communities which develops high cultural tolerance among people. Since Kurdistan is striving hard to separate itself from Iraq , they have been successful in having a separate ID for its people. Though having a Kurdish ID is an assurance of protection but it also created a slight trouble for Ahmed’s family. During the capture of terrorist in western part of Iraq, university staff of the area was moved to Kurdish universities with mutual agreement of provision of facilities to its people but as the situation came under control , those universities were moved back to Iraq. Ahmed’s cousin was a student of one of Iraqi university and in his final year he was required to take his exam in Iraq and hence he moved back. Having entered Kurdistan and after obtaining an ID, a person is neither expected nor allowed to move back to Iraq since such travelling can be an indication of danger to Kurdish population. With that said , since Ahmed’s cousin moved back to Baghdad to complete his studies, he could not return back for more than two years. After multiple efforts from his family on either side, he was able to make his way back to Kurdistan.

After all such struggle destiny took a turn for Ahmed’s family.Universities in Baghdad were seeking qualified engineers with Phd to take the position of a professor. Unfortunately, Baghdad was not producing that many phd students and hence decided to launch a accelerated phd program from reputed universities in United States for his top ranked engineers. Ahmed was qualified for the program and finally made his way to United States. His education was funded by Baghdad government . He consider it a blessing to get an opportunity to prove himself and attain education in one of the best institutes.     

Story of Ahmed’s family is a clear epitome of Kurdish justice and support for all. They truly are the international comrades

Author: Sadiya Ahmad

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